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mike240se <> mike240se <> a8a77f145d72fad8c0b43d6d8cbe7063e7a22694 a8a77f145d72fad8c0b43d6d8cbe7063e7a22694 Add Support For Smartcode 888 Deadbolt - 888.xml (#2271)

Support for Smartcode 888 Deadbolt
Matthew Grimes <> Matthew Grimes <> b8980307f8c9d6e659fadceda0ba45d45f46f16b b8980307f8c9d6e659fadceda0ba45d45f46f16b Update manufacturer_specific.xml (#2273)

Use the ZEN23v3 config by default for advanced config settings
Vendor used same node identity codes as old hardware that can't be updated; changing to new config since this is what is still being sold today.
As far as I can see having new config options on old hardware doesn't cause any problems, they are just ignored / don't do anything.
Jeremy Johnson <> Jeremy Johnson <> fd20e0bcf8d07e7601a660484bed1e527860ad5e fd20e0bcf8d07e7601a660484bed1e527860ad5e Add support for the WNK-MOT1 Wink Motion Sensor (#2265)

* Initial commit of WNK-MOT1 Wink Motion Sensor support

Co-authored-by: Justin Hammond <>