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Justin Hammond Justin Hammond a35732f107e3620578c1cb9f027e0a71b5410697 a35732f107e3620578c1cb9f027e0a71b5410697 Bump Versions
Matthew Grimes <> Matthew Grimes <> 5a0a5acf70043a83a2df056a5b527bf79dcbb163 5a0a5acf70043a83a2df056a5b527bf79dcbb163 Update for Zooz ZEN21v3, add Zooz ZEN24v2 config (#2250)

* Update and rename zen21v2.xml to zen21v3.xml

ZEN21 v1 and v2 hardware is configured by "zen21.xml", only v3 hardware is capable of advanced settings in this XML.

If I've misunderstood the naming of these files I apologize, I checked the Wiki and could not find any mention of how it's handled. The other Zooz hardware (ZEN20/ZEN22) with v2 indications have capable v2 hardware.

* Update Zooz ZEN21v3 entries

ZEN21v2 XML renamed ZEN21v3 to correctly reference hardware eligible for those config settings
It looks like that XML never had a corresponding entry here., all versions were pointing to original "zen21.xml".

* Update ZEN21v3 name

Renamed ZEN21v3 to indicate for all versions of v3, not just v3.0

Co-authored-by: Justin Hammond <>
steve28 <> steve28 <> 48e81108e4dfe3043fa483f78f044fc0cd366269 48e81108e4dfe3043fa483f78f044fc0cd366269 fixed kwikset 914c alarm message index for refresh (#2256)

Co-authored-by: steve28 <>
Matthew Grimes <> Matthew Grimes <> 319bd711a2ea05d9c3131604f05acabe590f59d9 319bd711a2ea05d9c3131604f05acabe590f59d9 Update config-template.xml (#2254)

OZWInfoPage instructions in Wiki refer to "XXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ"
Mathis Klooß <> Mathis Klooß <> 417d4889e8ef3e3c2a2c1f9ff6990c7c3a8e6ff5 417d4889e8ef3e3c2a2c1f9ff6990c7c3a8e6ff5 initial adding of technisat shutter and single-switch (#2252)