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Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 50c3b6eaa0b78d2f1e6fd8a830b768d1ba86c2a7 50c3b6eaa0b78d2f1e6fd8a830b768d1ba86c2a7 Merge pull request #1590 from surfermarty/patch-1

Update manufacturer_specific.xml
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> a47dbb926492241c03faba72d3c5f6af4322b37e a47dbb926492241c03faba72d3c5f6af4322b37e Merge pull request #1591 from lddubeau/add-28167-plugin-dimmer

add GE 28167 Plug-In Smart Dimmer, thank @lddubeau
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> a057986117f876e2eae3a304b264430e3dafdc3d a057986117f876e2eae3a304b264430e3dafdc3d Merge pull request #1594 from DeviantEng/master

added Zooz USB S2 Stick to manufacturer_specific; no parameters
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 5c372846b455c5d0a88b5eaa685a1f287d6eb95c 5c372846b455c5d0a88b5eaa685a1f287d6eb95c Merge pull request #1597 from axel8viii/master

Add Steinel L810 LED iHF, thanks @axel8viii
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 9d7617081ecb90581a261c51c565abc755183164 9d7617081ecb90581a261c51c565abc755183164 Merge pull request #1600 from idfxken/master

Adding support for the Horstmann SSR303 thermostat controller, thanks @idfxken