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Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 577868f8e99c334c5b8b34e683c58f186306a9a0 577868f8e99c334c5b8b34e683c58f186306a9a0 Merge pull request #1453 from idfxken/patch-1

Added new version of the MCO home MH-S412, thank's @idfxken if the device share same config file we keep same device name
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 16cd5e4031424b1a3bc0db88593e92cde7969661 16cd5e4031424b1a3bc0db88593e92cde7969661 Update manufacturer_specific.xml
idfxken <> idfxken <> 90a8b03c35064572f01eec2e2eab8f21d8bb890c 90a8b03c35064572f01eec2e2eab8f21d8bb890c Added new version of the MCO home MH-S412

Mcohome appareantly released a different id-version of the same product.
Tested it with the new product type and id, and used the original "mcohome/mhs412.xml"
as the lifeline switch is still present in this version.
It now performs perfectly.

Product type="4121" id="1302"
No idea as for naming convention but i named it version B  as its a black one + info on the box says "MH-S412-EU B" (switch just says MH-S412-EU on the back)
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 5e0d37ef46f7f632be946b4a4e2e8a3b18ed3046 5e0d37ef46f7f632be946b4a4e2e8a3b18ed3046 Merge pull request #1449 from matthewcky2k/master

Fix Auto relock setting on Conexis L1 and Keyfree Connected plus locks, thank's @matthewcky2k
Nechry <nechry@Nechrys-iMac.local> Nechry <nechry@Nechrys-iMac.local> 6ca6579b69a51e1d881a5b3576b870cbc65aac03 6ca6579b69a51e1d881a5b3576b870cbc65aac03 Add Zipato Indoor Siren

rebranded philio

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