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Robbie Trencheny Robbie Trencheny 8c23ed9996d867d7d86d1cc1c179bc04d9afe356 8c23ed9996d867d7d86d1cc1c179bc04d9afe356 Fix Debian package build (#1123)
* Fix CPPFLAGS in Debian build

* Fix libopenzwave.pc location
Stijn Tintel <> Stijn Tintel <> e30afcbd8505d2b99c9d2960428f40fe92b36ad1 e30afcbd8505d2b99c9d2960428f40fe92b36ad1 Makefile: use SHARED_LIB_NAME variable in LDFLAGS (#1126)
When not on Darwin, SHARED_LIB_NAME is$(VERSION). Use
this variable in LDFLAGS on FreeBSD and Linux, instead of duplicating
its value.

Signed-off-by: Stijn Tintel <>
Stijn Tintel <> Stijn Tintel <> eab45f0959ccb1deb662c6f8c036651088e2e8d6 eab45f0959ccb1deb662c6f8c036651088e2e8d6 unix: fix compilation against musl libc (#1127)
POSIX.1-2001 requires sys/select.h for select() and friends.
Compile-tested on glibc and musl, runtime tested on musl.

Signed-off-by: Stijn Tintel <>
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 2a072c0fa9bc1d009ec9a2ee8b1d8c3d3fcbf925 2a072c0fa9bc1d009ec9a2ee8b1d8c3d3fcbf925 if the triggerrefreshvalue in a XML config is malformed, we could get into a infinite loop
ash7777 <> ash7777 <> 99672e061af3baf00bc4c8fd49da8945775c6d79 99672e061af3baf00bc4c8fd49da8945775c6d79 Fix corruption hidden by bad cast. Destination is 8 bits, but 32 bits are changed on Windows. (#1130)