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2be76ce4e4a6f05f6b9230ad4f0614b5da26f0f4 2be76ce4e4a6f05f6b9230ad4f0614b5da26f0f4
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#359 (Child of OZW-OZWLNX-549)
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#376 (Child of OZW-OZWLNX-664)
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Jean-Fran├žois Auger <> Jean-Fran├žois Auger <> 2be76ce4e4a6f05f6b9230ad4f0614b5da26f0f4 2be76ce4e4a6f05f6b9230ad4f0614b5da26f0f4 Update phpab01.xml
PriMachVisSys <> PriMachVisSys <> 3f036b3e76bdf7c74da7441cd9af7a3ce4fa487e 3f036b3e76bdf7c74da7441cd9af7a3ce4fa487e change nonce generation so that first byte is unique and non-zero, use high-order bits from rand() (#1064)
Thorsten Alteholz <> Thorsten Alteholz <> 789483cea73c9f8b77363fe40c62e1f80c30f142 789483cea73c9f8b77363fe40c62e1f80c30f142 changes from Debian packages (#1060)
* also forward LDFLAGS to other make calls and allow spaces within flags

* spelling correction
Kame <> Kame <> 1e7e10ae05dbfb7a1d22c4a0bcb71ac10774273a 1e7e10ae05dbfb7a1d22c4a0bcb71ac10774273a Fix null pointer (#1050)
* Fix crash when accessing null pointer

it was possible for m_currentControllerCommand to be 0, thus accessing it causes a segmentation fault. Moving the log output inside the if where this is checked.

* replace spaces with tabs
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond c0adb6c34c0a5e6370685c14a1a4338e01921f05 c0adb6c34c0a5e6370685c14a1a4338e01921f05 Revert "Fix ValueList::SetByValue for values not starting at 0 (#1035)"
This reverts commit 7b7c10eb743a06e54076a4c00b7d573798b2b68e.

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