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Code commits

Author Commit Message Commit date
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 221cbafe5cac9f5ed05b79b2f475fa4facd90efe 221cbafe5cac9f5ed05b79b2f475fa4facd90efe Merge pull request #2584 from markruys/feature/Supervision_Thermostat
Use supervision to set thermostat setpoint
Mark Ruys <> Mark Ruys <> 81134013dc806dd86f229d76e00a47d9493e350c 81134013dc806dd86f229d76e00a47d9493e350c Fix find session in fifo
Mark Ruys <> Mark Ruys <> b4355827a58472224c5742b17733e281dc3be8b5 b4355827a58472224c5742b17733e281dc3be8b5 Support max up to 6 concurrent supervision sessions per node
Mark Ruys <> Mark Ruys <> 825b9e2206f6ce426f48291eac429f3971cf14cf 825b9e2206f6ce426f48291eac429f3971cf14cf Move session logic to Supervision class
Mark Ruys <> Mark Ruys <> 04f3d7ab7054350f1db7925f8601d22cf090bd80 04f3d7ab7054350f1db7925f8601d22cf090bd80 Make @Fishwaldo happy

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