OpenZWave Compile Test - Devel (Linux/Windows)

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7845d66bdd697aec66616073b93a7f7b721ecb8a 7845d66bdd697aec66616073b93a7f7b721ecb8a
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#1513 (Changes by nechry <>)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


No one has taken responsibility for this failure


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Code commits

Author Commit Message Commit date
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 7845d66bdd697aec66616073b93a7f7b721ecb8a 7845d66bdd697aec66616073b93a7f7b721ecb8a Merge pull request #2550 from dotMorten/patch-3
Fixes build issue with recent VS and reduces maintenance
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> f2b07a2e7f81b8589fd89b796bf8fd8e752d0d16 f2b07a2e7f81b8589fd89b796bf8fd8e752d0d16 Merge pull request #2551 from ootjersb/master
added: McoHome MH10-PM2.5-WD
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 05806d595432ad0ebb11345eb655412ebe038919 05806d595432ad0ebb11345eb655412ebe038919 Merge pull request #2552 from cybergrimes/patch-1
Additional parameters for zen16
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 7b4a335820cba4b05f04c17791d1357261436b8c 7b4a335820cba4b05f04c17791d1357261436b8c Merge pull request #2553 from nathanfiscus/patch-1
Update Max Value of Inovelli LZW45 Parameter 30
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> f69744efbc9997d57cffc4f57110464355f2fbd3 f69744efbc9997d57cffc4f57110464355f2fbd3 Merge pull request #2549 from cybergrimes/master
Initial config for Assa Abloy/Yale YRD136/156 deadbolt locks

Error summary for Linux Build

The job generated some errors, drill down into the full build log for more details.

which: no gdate in (/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
UTF-8 "\x80" does not map to Unicode at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 37.
UTF-8 "\xA2" does not map to Unicode at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 37.
UTF-8 "\x80" does not map to Unicode at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 37.
UTF-8 "\xA2" does not map to Unicode at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/PurePerl/Reader/ line 37.
No semi-colon found after entity name [Ln: 8, Col: 107]
XML::Simple called at cpp/build/ line 63.
gzip: warning: GZIP environment variable is deprecated; use an alias or script