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6 minutes
39e1eeb9f435d53529b4833b0c32c22d9e5beb87 39e1eeb9f435d53529b4833b0c32c22d9e5beb87
Failing since
#1496 (Changes by nechry <>)
Fixed in
#1498 (Changes by nechry <>)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


This build has been failing since #1496
No one has taken responsibility

Code commits

Author Commit Message Commit date
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 39e1eeb9f435d53529b4833b0c32c22d9e5beb87 39e1eeb9f435d53529b4833b0c32c22d9e5beb87 Merge pull request #2526 from Scooty66/patch-3
Update 03009497.xml
Jean-François Auger <> Jean-François Auger <> 10f86720e528b9edb5537a4bf17c0a91e1828b37 10f86720e528b9edb5537a4bf17c0a91e1828b37 Merge pull request #2527 from Scooty66/patch-4
Update 03009499.xml
Scooty66 <> Scooty66 <> 4252830a512a3946d9c417af49535dc09fe2b237 4252830a512a3946d9c417af49535dc09fe2b237 Update 03009499.xml
Value type should be "short" for "Parameter 2" and "Parameter 3" as parameter size is 2 bytes.
Ref: Pull request #2466
Scooty66 <> Scooty66 <> d3bc43960c21774e89bcd6b0cb6de81968714cfc d3bc43960c21774e89bcd6b0cb6de81968714cfc Update 03009497.xml
Value type should be "short" for "Parameter 2" and "Parameter 3" as parameter size is 2 bytes.
Ref: Pull request #2466

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openzwave.tar.gz 17 MB 18 MB

Error summary for Linux Build

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which: no gdate in (/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/var/lib/snapd/snap/bin)
gzip: warning: GZIP environment variable is deprecated; use an alias or script