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Caleb Mingle <> Caleb Mingle <> f340fc511d56f681df5c735f98fbc6ca76d4e07f f340fc511d56f681df5c735f98fbc6ca76d4e07f Add GE 46201 Smart Switch (#1937)

This is the new "GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch with QuickFit and SimpleWire". It's the
new version of the GE 14291 smart switch.

I've used the 14291 config as a base. The main config differences between these versions:
- ability to set an alternate exclusion mode (either press any button or press a sequence)
- ability to have the LED always on
- the spec no longer lists the ability to invert the switch (I haven't been able to personally test this to see if it's actually included or just missing from the spec)
jess <> jess <> 295d0bf6bc277ac5884d113f387abded4cd4c971 295d0bf6bc277ac5884d113f387abded4cd4c971 Added financial contributors to the README (#1941)
Peter Gebruers Peter Gebruers 51b7801874fa5c52480578023450742dd87a01c7 51b7801874fa5c52480578023450742dd87a01c7 Fix DLL export warnings on windows (#1944)

Tested with Domoticz.
Does not affect other platforms, but cleans up clutter in
header files.