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Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 481ef3360f88590c25c51f218464b3acbef6a133 481ef3360f88590c25c51f218464b3acbef6a133 Merge branch 'master' of
Peter Gebruers Peter Gebruers 206feaaa88855c091df450ce3a5d8d76f0cabc90 206feaaa88855c091df450ce3a5d8d76f0cabc90 MultiCmd: implement sanity checks and improve logging (#1929)

This stops creating bogus data, as reported here:
"Labels of PST02 in Secure Mode are wrong in ozwcp"

This is the first step in fixing that issue, the next step is supporting multipart secure messages
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 48c435ed88b150ce4fe0db885ebd7d663c3ca6ee 48c435ed88b150ce4fe0db885ebd7d663c3ca6ee Merge branch 'master' of
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 6268924101111e0eae6465f25e68dd1cd15748b6 6268924101111e0eae6465f25e68dd1cd15748b6 Options to disable the Automatic Clearing of Events, and Exposing V1 Alarm Variables on devices where the version > 2

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