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Keith Pine <> Keith Pine <> c83d05edc9eec56abcd5aff1f27ed33733a8744f c83d05edc9eec56abcd5aff1f27ed33733a8744f Feature: Improved startup behavior when MQTT broker is unavailable (#120) (#121)
* Delay ozwdaemon startup until MQTT broker is available

Wait until the MQTT broker port is available before starting up
ozwdaemon. This reduces the churning of the daemon starting then dying
while MQTT is offline.

The script will exit with error 124 if the MQTT broker port is
unavailable after a configurable amount of time (default 30 seconds).

* Use same startup script for standalone and allinone docker images

The scripts were identical so only one is necessary. Reduces

* Copy to /opt

The allinone image copies this script to /opt, so do the same with the
standalone image for consistency.

* Remove duplicate env vars

The entrypoint script defines the necessary environment variables, so
there's no need to duplicate them in the Dockerfile.

* Add documentation for MQTT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT env var

Improve docs for other environment variables.
OpenZwave - Master Repository
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Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 2f2342a70f2ae862ee4b31b0e7c2fca9111ab207 2f2342a70f2ae862ee4b31b0e7c2fca9111ab207 distfiles update
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 752a6ca9c2faf07f872f2a6757a04284be11b410 752a6ca9c2faf07f872f2a6757a04284be11b410 Add mcohome mh8fceu thermostat - Issue #2267
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 03e7cc18b47c744cd02f4e9c2170d349138e2014 03e7cc18b47c744cd02f4e9c2170d349138e2014 bump versions
Justin Hammond Justin Hammond e4db9afa58adb981d919b2523511f6c742fb9463 e4db9afa58adb981d919b2523511f6c742fb9463 Fix Namron Led Dimmer ID/Type - Issue #2292

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