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Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> 1f42202112750a64d7742c5f602226508149b6ce 1f42202112750a64d7742c5f602226508149b6ce Merge pull request #1276 from Nedlinin/patch-1

Include new Hank DWS01 revision.. thank's @Nedlinin
Chris Heath <> Chris Heath <> fc716ff4e668bb6125938b11b16dcaeb52e056f1 fc716ff4e668bb6125938b11b16dcaeb52e056f1 Include new Hank DWS01 revision..

Hank released a revision of the DWS01 door/window sensor.  No changes from the original one configuration wise but the type ID was different so OpenZWave didn't detect the config params automatically.  Added an entry in manufacturer_specific.xml to point this new type id to the same config file as the old DWS01 and everything appears peachy.
Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> ae54a1fe797d71b9bd43df4a3a60ec06ec35fc32 ae54a1fe797d71b9bd43df4a3a60ec06ec35fc32 Update zw100.xml

fix some default min/max values
Jean-Francois Auger Jean-Francois Auger 8e247aed85ecdab8ca14ebbfa7663a210bac5f4d 8e247aed85ecdab8ca14ebbfa7663a210bac5f4d add Swipe version
Jean-Francois Auger Jean-Francois Auger 8292a1038360920d915ab6a608488c5b24b9bcb4 8292a1038360920d915ab6a608488c5b24b9bcb4 those groups are needed if you want return state on local actions and

fix from @sarakha63