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4735134927518fca8fb762800ccbdb949da8a472 4735134927518fca8fb762800ccbdb949da8a472
OpenZwave - Master Repository
6cec95bbb128e6a287ba8184d0281526f2edd195 6cec95bbb128e6a287ba8184d0281526f2edd195
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OpenZwave - Master Repository
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Justin Hammond Justin Hammond 6cec95bbb128e6a287ba8184d0281526f2edd195 6cec95bbb128e6a287ba8184d0281526f2edd195 Bump Revisions
eyager1 <44526531+eyager1@users.noreply.github.com> eyager1 <44526531+eyager1@users.noreply.github.com> a71e662c3e3e91006f2b19acc1e4f2e24ea21186 a71e662c3e3e91006f2b19acc1e4f2e24ea21186 Add configuration files for Ring PIR-SS Motion Detector (#2229)

* Add configuration files for Ring Motion Detector.
Alexander Bauer <sasha@linux.com> Alexander Bauer <sasha@linux.com> 9d57441e1aa72255f5524676ecaf96e7d8e138f7 9d57441e1aa72255f5524676ecaf96e7d8e138f7 Add config for Honeywell ZW4106 Plug-in Smart Switch (#2231)

* Add Honeywell ZW4106 Plug-in Switch config
bepsoccer <brad@parker1723.com> bepsoccer <brad@parker1723.com> 11e6924c4389f959f7d9191de4419d345766f3c3 11e6924c4389f959f7d9191de4419d345766f3c3 Updates for Zooz Zen27 and ZSE29 (#2232)

fix param 9 to reflect 0 as being valid to disable rate and enable instant on/off
Jordan Speicher <uSpike@users.noreply.github.com> Jordan Speicher <uSpike@users.noreply.github.com> 1661e647d42c3e5a59f8291eabbdf2854a938b97 1661e647d42c3e5a59f8291eabbdf2854a938b97 Update BE469.xml TriggerRefreshValue (#2247)

Refresh the DoorLock if we get a change on a Notification CC with Index 6 (Access Control)

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