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472c75f4732480f90d0d53d302fce2f878bc4230 472c75f4732480f90d0d53d302fce2f878bc4230
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Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> Jean-Fran?ois Auger <> 472c75f4732480f90d0d53d302fce2f878bc4230 472c75f4732480f90d0d53d302fce2f878bc4230 Merge pull request #1642 from eyager1/patch-1

Configuration update for Linear GoControl GC-TBZ48
eyager1 <> eyager1 <> 822cea4c6f491065926e266a9f63e71aa0dca8eb 822cea4c6f491065926e266a9f63e71aa0dca8eb Update GC-TBZ48.xml

Actually, no need to do auto="true" per documentation.
eyager1 <> eyager1 <> 8b003732c5cddfe7c272be8c56b637f12f5ed5bb 8b003732c5cddfe7c272be8c56b637f12f5ed5bb Update GC-TBZ48.xml
eyager1 <> eyager1 <> b6a12a02db162bd333aa5fa96e418e9908b1014e b6a12a02db162bd333aa5fa96e418e9908b1014e Update GC-TBZ48.xml

Add missing configuration parameter 23.   This parameter changes what information is reported automatically reported by the thermostat upon a change in its state.  This will allow a fix of the known issue of the thermostat by default not reporting its operating state to the HA software.
Add Association Groups.


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